Corporate Classes and Private Yoga or Qigong Lessons Available

Now Offering Online Virtual Yoga, Qigong and Meditation Classes.  See Events Page for Details

To make yoga, qigong and wellness more accessible to you or your company, we are available for private sessions  or corporate classes in person, or virtually online.  Choose between:  Yoga,  Qigong, meditation, plant based nutrition, or  Reiki treatments.   Scroll down for more  details on all services below.

Corporate Yoga

Now offering Yoga, Qigong and Wellness Programs and Presentations at your workplace or School:

Fact: For every $1 spent invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (U. of Michigan Research Center)

Fact: Employees who experience a high degree of stress in their lives miss twice as many workdays as employees who report a low degree of stress (Conference Board of Canada)

We are also offering Corporate Reiki sessions and Plant-Based Nutrition classes.

Yoga has been shown to boost morale and help prevent high turnover, as well as give the following benefits to your staff and company:

Convenience of Yoga Classes at the Workplace Yield Better Attendance

Improve Team Work

Increase Focus and Concentration

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Reduce Stress and Burnout

Lessen Absenteeism and Illness Help Alleviate Tension From Work-Related Injuries and Repetitive Movement

Help Promote Relaxation

Increase Mental and Physical Energy

*Call for a free consultation about Corporate Yoga Classes or to inquire about a Yoga/Wellness Presentation at Company Events or Employee Health Fairs


Private Yoga or Qigong Lessons, Yoga Personal Training Sessions, and Virtual Yoga and Qigong

One-on-One Yoga or Qigong sessions are ideal if you don’t feel comfortable in a group setting, if you have any injuries or health challenges, if your schedule doesn’t match up with regular group classes, or if you would like to take your Yoga practice to the next level. Individual sessions are tailored to your specific needs and abilities, with corrections, adjustments and modifications all designed to yield better results.

Yoga Personal Training: Yoga PT is perfect for specific goals and objectives.  Such as Yoga sessions to help improve and recover from sports (i.e. to improve golf game or to help prepare for Triathalons), for weight loss, to help improve range of motion and flexibility after a surgery or procedure, or to help heal from a stressful event. By targeting different parts of the body for more therapeutic benefit, or emphasizing the body/mind/spirit aspects of Yoga practice and meditation, Yoga Personal Training is a convenient and accessible option to all levels of experience. Skype/Zoom sessions are available for those who travel or live outside of Indianapolis. *Gift Certificates and packages available


Opportunity - provides ample opportunity to connect with Private Yoga anytime, anywhere - at the hotel or office, or when you are traveling.

Personalized Attention - Yoga program designed just for you and your needs with verbal cues and instant feedback and adjustments.

Commitment - keeps you accountable and motivated with set appointment dates and times to fit your busy schedule.

Consistency - A consistent Yoga practice yields the most results and reminds us that Yoga is truly a lifestyle.


Private Lesson - $80
Private Skype/Zoom $70
First Time Zoom Half Off $35

Yoga CD

This Yoga CD/MP3 (AUDIO INSTRUCTION ONLY) is intended as a practical tool to manage your health, energy, and stress on a daily basis. By using various short yoga practices throughout your day, you can refuel your positive energy so you'll be able to meet your daily responsibilities with more mindfulness, calmness, and energy. This is perfect for beginners or those who want to do certain yoga practices at home in addition to attending yoga classes. The only "exercise sequence" of postures is the second track, "Sun Salutations." The rest of the tracks are all restorative and relaxing and no prior yoga experience is needed.

Yoga CD ( available in MP3) - $18.00


Meditation is the most important part of both yoga and qigong practices. Each class concludes with a meditation.

I also offer Virtual Guided Meditation classes online and private or corporate meditation sessions for individuals or groups.

* Check out the Events page for the next Virtual Guided Meditation, or call to inquire about private/corporate meditation classes  or to  enhance your next special event (i.e. family gatherings, bridal parties or part of a spa package)

Private Guided Meditation (ZOOM) - $38


pronounced "Chee Gong"

Qi means "life force energy" Gong means "to cultivate"

Qigong is an ancient mind/body/spirit practice that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (like Accupuncture or Energy Medicine).  Similar to Tai Chi, but more emphasis on the meridians and building Qi; It involves gentle movement, meditation, visualization and breathwork. Qigong can be used to strengthen and connect with your vital energy for improved health, inner peace and well-being.

Download Qigong Guidelines Sheet- Must read before class.

*  Check out the events page for upcoming Qigong classes and workshops- or call about Private Classes


Reiki is an ancient and powerful system of natural healing for the body and mind which has its roots in Tibet and Japan. “Rei” means "universal" and “ki” means "Life Force Energy." Ki or Life Force Energy is present in all living things and keeping our energy (ki) in balance and flowing is essential to maintaining optimum health and well-being.

Reiki is used as a complement to other therapies to promote stress relief and relaxation and also facilitates the body's own innate healing process. Reiki is similar to "laying of hands", or "healing touch", which act in similar ways to promote healing. Reiki is also used to balance chakras (energy centers in the body), release negative emotions, and blockages in our energy pathways (meridians).

Since the body and mind are inseparable, a buildup of stress and tension, along with poor diet and lack of exercise, has an effect on our energy and leads to disease and illness if left ignored or untreated. Most people report feeling extremely relaxed and more "open," "clear-headed," and "connected" to themselves and life again. This effect can last for several days or weeks.

When Should I Schedule a Reiki Session?

Whenever you have been under a great deal of stress, during a significant life change, when you need pain relief, or simply want a "tune-up" to feel balanced and connected again.   It's also helpful to receive Reiki treatments during the season changes which are stressful times as the body adapts to the new season, or anytime you are experiencing emotional pain or grief.  *Additional add- on treatments include Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and Qigong Healing.

Pricing**varies according to location/venue 

60 minutes -*starting at $65.00 *Sound Healing available
30 minutes - *starting at $35.00 *Qigong Healing available

Now offering Corporate Chair Reiki at your workplace or special event.
*Also available for Reiki Attunement Certifications. Sound Healing w/ Reiki sessions for additional fee
Call for more information.

60 min Reiki -* $65
30 min Reiki -* $35
Reiki Wavier Form
What is Reiki

Plant Based Nutrition Classes

Explore the power of plant-based foods and the many health benefits to the body and mind.

Multiple-themed classes are available for individuals, groups or workplace lunch and learn lectures. I am also available for Skype/Zoom private sessions and coaching.

I have studied plant-based nutrition since 2002 and have  accumulated over 250 hours of workshops and lectures - some  of those  with world renowned vegan health Guru's Dr. Joel Furhman, Dr. Gabriel Cousen's, Paul Nison, and  Matt Monarch.  In December 2005, I completed a  certification with Creative Health Institute (Michigan).
  I also continue to learn through my own health challenges the simplest ways of working with plant-based foods.

*Now offering  HealthForce Superfoods and Whole World Botanicals supplements and Siahus essential oils to complement your healthy lifestyle.  

 *Call for pricing and more information.

Class topics include:

Juicing 101: For Health, Anti-Aging and Weight Loss
Learn how to incorporate fresh raw juices into your life as a complement to your diet and the benefits of each type of vegetable juice. Enjoy samples of Juices and Smoothies. This includes handouts.

Vegetarian 101
How to obtain optimal sources of protein, calcium, probiotics, and omega 3-6-9 oils from plants vs. animal foods. 

Demo, Dine, and Wine: Gourmet Vegan Dinner and Food Prep
Learn by doing in this fan-favorite, hands-on class, and dinner. We will discuss ways to substitute healthier versions of vegan raw food recipes and the health benefits of plant-based foods. Enhance your culinary skills and enjoy preparing delicious recipes including salad, entrée, and dessert (optional organic wine). Q and A session following our delicious meal and dessert (includes  gourmet dinner, lecture and handouts of recipes).  Gather some friends for an educational dinner party!

Superfoods 101
Learn how to meet daily quotas of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in lieu of synthetic isolates as well as benefits of these powerful superfoods. Class includes sample of Superfood Smoothie, Immune enhancing herbal tea, and handouts. 

Learn about different cleanses, fasts, and detox plans to help the body release toxins, heavy metals and candida as well as jump-start weight loss or healthy eating programs. Some individuals are not a candidate for this: and this class is only a presentation of different types of programs and which ones can be safe as well as which ones to avoid (or get medical supervision from a qualified healthcare provider). Enjoy samples of some of the juice recipes and handouts and a lot of important information.


Intuitive Consulting (Astrology/Numerology Reading)
$85 for 60 minute reading

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Chart  $7

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