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 Transform your body/mind/spirit with the Essential Elements to  a joyful,  healthy life!  We offer classes to beginners through intermediate  and beyond.  We can also bring our Yoga/Meditation/Qigong and Reiki sessions  to  your home, workplace or your next special event- virtually or in person. Call us at 520-401-1662 or email us [email protected] to schedule a private/corporate session or register for an up-coming event.
*We serve Indianapolis and surrounding counties  (or online Virtually anywhere)

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"The Restorative Yoga workshop taught by Renée was excellent. Her detailed explanation of the poses was very clear. The tightness in my back disappeared and my whole body felt as though I just had a massage as result of working with the yoga bolsters and guidance in each pose. I highly recommend taking Renée 's classes and workshops. She has a lovely gentle way of "being" throughout her sessions."


“While working with Renée in Private Yoga lessons, my posture has improved both sitting and standing and my balance is much better. She has given me strategies to help me prevent soreness and stiffness in my back. At the beginning of our program, I could not sit up straight or be comfortable sitting, but by the end of a session I could sit up straight unassisted! I struggled to keep up in group classes and felt lost with all my physical limitations. Private Sessions with Renée are so much more effective and beneficial."